31.01.2024 — 14.04.2024
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31.01.2024 — 14.04.2024
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The exhibition tells about the Arctic - a harsh and mysterious land adjacent to the North Pole, one of the least developed, but at the same time the most promising regions on the planet. For Russia, the Arctic has a special significance: our country has historically been a pioneer in scientific research into the geography, geology and biosphere of the North.  It is an extremely important region, connected, among other things, with ensuring the country's security.

The exhibition reflects the main stages of the Arctic conquest by Russian explorers. Special attention is paid to the exploits of Soviet heroes-polar explorers. The exhibition is timed to the 120th anniversary of the birth of the famous test pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union Valery Chkalov and the 130th anniversary of the birth of the Arctic explorer, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Papanin.

The exposition presents personal belongings of pilots and polar explorers, photo-documents, maps, navigation devices, radio telegrams, books, weapons, awards, works of painting and graphics from the collection of the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, as well as materials from the collection of the Museum and Exhibition Center (Barentsburg, Svalbard archipelago).

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to learn the details of Chkalov's non-stop flight from Moscow to the North Pole to Vancouver (1937) and Papanin's expedition to the world's first drifting station "North Pole" (1937-1938). Among the exhibits are Valery Chkalov's helmet and pen; Ivan Papanin's polar suit; a harpoon gun belonging to Ernst Krenkel, the radio operator of the first Soviet drifting station; a globe marking the way of the icebreaker "Sibiryakov"; a symbolic key to the North Pole made by the crew members of the nuclear icebreaker "Arktika"; Admiral Stepan Makarov's book about the construction and sailing of the icebreaker "Ermak" (1901) and many others.

The exhibition materials are supplemented with rare newsreel footage of the Chelyuskin epic, documentary films "At the North Pole" (1937) and "We Live on Spitsbergen" (1975).

Guided tours

We invite you to visit a tour of the exhibition as part of a group. You can make an appointment for a tour of the exhibition by calling the Museum's tour desk:

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