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28.12.2023 — 03.03.2024
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The intermuseum exhibition project in The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia devote to «The Battle of the Peoples » of Leipzig in October 1813, which became a high point in wars of Napoleon. Four-day lasting formidable battle in which more than a half a million people took part prejudged a disrupter of the First Empire and napoleon`s world order in Europe. The decisive contribution in the victory made the Russian Army in particular in the liberation of Germany and Holland.

The exposition tells about the invasion of Napoleon in Russia, the beginning of the victorious march of Russian troops across Europe, the joining of our country to the anti-Napoleonic coalition, the capture of Paris by the Allied army, Napoleon's abdication and the signing of the Peace of Paris. In the battlefield the massive monument «The Battle of the Peoples» in memory of killed in the battle was build up in 1913. Not far from it has appeared the orthodox memorial church of Russian glory in Leipzig.

There are more than 400 exhibits, the most of them have shown for the first time. Among them unique graphics; memorial belongings of Emperor Alexander 1; rare samples of Russian and European weapons and ammunitions; regimental regalia’s, orders and medals, archival documents and ancient  printed edition.

The special place in the exposition take pictures which dedicated to «The Battle of the Peoples» such as the gallery of outstanding commander`s portraits, porcelain and crystal with memorial monograms and inscriptions. One of the main exhibits is the ancient Russian piece of artillery «The Unicorn» which combine a gun with howitzer and above it the regimental banners of the army infantry.

The organizes of the exhibition are The State Borodino War and History Museum and Reserve and The International War and History Association with the support of The Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation with the participation of leading Russian museums.